Q: Could you tell me the height of these when they are unrolled please? I am trying to estimate where these will hit on my calf. Thank you!

Asked by: gina - 1/20/2017
A: These are 10 inches from sole to top.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/23/2017)

Q: I wear a double E. could you please tell me if these would accommodate me? Thanks Robert

Asked by: Robert - 1/21/2019
A: yes I believe these will accommodate your EE foot...you will want to try them on and break them in barefoot...stretch happens quickly.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/21/2019)

Q: I had a pair of these high top sheepskin slippers in black. Can I still get them in black?

Asked by: Margery - 11/18/2019
A: At this time I do have black that is suitable for footwear. A custom fee would apply. Please call to order. The sole would be the standard color.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/19/2019)

Q: If I wanted the other sole the rubber one that can be worn in snow. How do I let add that too my purchase? Is there an option for that and does it cost extra ?

Asked by: Melinda south - 12/8/2019
A: The crepe rubber sole is not available on the High Top Colorado on the web. It would be a custom order.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/9/2019)

Q: I have a pair of your high sheepskin slippers. The top is perfect but the inside/outside sole needs replacement. Do you do that if I ship it to you? What would it cost? If not, on a new one if I custom ordered a rubber sole that I could wear outside also, how thick is the rubber sole? What would it cost? Thank you.

Asked by: Alice Konyves - 10/29/2020
A: We do repairs on our work from February to September. Cost for a complete resole is currently $50. I am currently out of the crepe material, and have no idea when or if I will get it again. The leather sole is our best sole regardless and all leather soled products can be worn outside.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/30/2020)

Q: Can the sheepskin insole with an orthotic option be worn with these? I prefer to have some arch support even in my slippers :).

Asked by: Melissa - 10/19/2021
A: The orthotic insole, which will most likely be discontinued in 2021 due to lack of domestic materials, was designed for the shoes and boots, not the slippers. Some customers have had success putting arch support in their slippers after the wool has packed out a bit to allow enough room.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/20/2021)

Q: I received a pair of size 10 for my husband. We would like to replace them with a 10.5, but can you make them a little less tight across the instep? He has a high instep. Thanks!

Asked by: Anne - 10/29/2021
A: We can generally accommodate a high instep by choosing a slightly "looser" pair. Just put a not in the box with the exchange that he has a high instep, and we will make sure he gets the right pair for him.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/1/2021)

Q: Is there any way you could make a 20” high slipper with crepe soles? Thank you

Asked by: Tamara Adams - 10/2/2023
A: No. Sorry.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/2/2023)

Q: If the soles wear out, are you able to replace them? If so, hat is the cost?

Asked by: Gabrielle - 10/6/2023
A: Yes! We do repairs on our own work. A complete resole (sheepskin insole and leather outsole) is $50 currently
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/6/2023)

Q: Is this available in a darker brown?

Asked by: Kevon Frey - 11/11/2023
A: The High Top is only available in the natural color.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/13/2023)

Q: Do you make these with the non-skid soles? I got the low rise slippers with these soles but my wife prefers these higher slippers.

Asked by: Donald Lammers - 1/8/2024
A: No, we do not put the crepe sole on the High Top. We are unable to get more of the material, and only have a little left. The Crepe Sole Colorado Moccasin will also be discontinued soon.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/8/2024)

Q: I have a size 12A shoe size. A very narrow foot that presents problems buying typical footwear, which is made for D widths. Can you make a 12A sheepskin slipper?

Asked by: Alan - 1/31/2024
A: We can make some adjustments to our slippers without doing a custom order. You can request a narrow pair in the comments section during checkout, or if you feel you need a custom pair, you can send us a foot tracing and we can go from there.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/1/2024)

Q: I wear a size 7, AAA width with a AAAA heel. Would this slipper accommodate me? They look nice and warm.

Asked by: Carolin Winter - 2/8/2024
A: I recommend asking for a narrow pair in the comments section during checkout. They may be a bit on the wide side, but I think they will work for you.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/8/2024)

Q: I wear a women's size 11. My feet, especially my heels, are narrow, which can cause some shoes to be unwearably loose. However, I hate for my toes to be smooshed., which keeps happening when I try to buy slipper booties. If I bought these booties, I would be wearing them with medium-weight socks. What size should I get?

Asked by: Caryn - 2/8/2024
A: I would recommend the Sundance size 10 in your situation in both the High Top and Colorado moccasin. Request a narrow pair in the comments section during checkout and we will pick you a narrower pair.
Answer provided by: Dylan (2/8/2024)