Q: Recently received and love my second pair of sheepskin tall slippers. Can you tell me a little about the sheepskin insoles? They are a bit thin on the sole and know it would be more comfortable with the liners. How substantial are they? Are they washable? Thanks! Judy Stevens

Asked by: Judy - 12/23/2015
A: Thanks for the interest in our liners, Some of our products, like all the molded rubber sole styles, and the Santa Fe Moccasins, have a removable/replaceable insole that is washable. These are in several types, and have either a foam back glued to the sheepskin or leather, or just sheepskin. These will also work in other shoes, boots and slippers. Our sheepskin moccasin line, like the Colorado Moccasin, have a sewn in insole that is not removable. After some time, a foam and sheepskin insole can be added on top of the existing insole to add more padding. This 2nd insole usually does not fit when the slippers are new, as the additional insole would make the slippers too tight. If your slippers are big, the insole would tighten the fit. I consider our insoles to be the best on the market,
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/23/2015)

Q: Just sent some questions, but forgot to ask: I wear a size 10 women's. What size insert would I get?

Asked by: Judy - 12/23/2015
A: a size 28 would fit best. you may need to trim it slightly at the heal, but it would be the best size to insure it is long enough.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/23/2015)

Q: I have a pair of your Colorado Moccasin slippers and love them. I am thinking of ordering insoles for a pair of boots. I take a womens size 7. Which size insole should I order?

Asked by: Dori - 12/31/2015
A: The size 25 centimeter should work just fine. Any of these will trim to fit so if it is a little long you can trim the length at the heal. I like the sheepskin and orthopedic foam ($20) for use in the Colorado moccasins.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/2/2016)

Q: What size would be a size11 and what size would be a 101/2?

Asked by: Raymond - 1/21/2016
A: Hello.

You would get size 28 sheepskin insole for size 10 1/2 and size 29 insole for size11. These are designed to trim to fit if need be.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/21/2016)

Q: I wear size 8.5 slippers. What size replacement insoles should I order? Thank you!

Asked by: Denise - 3/16/2016
A: I would recommend a size 26. Trim to fit if necessary.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/16/2016)

Q: I have a size 8 1/2 sheepskin slippers with leather sole. What size insert should I order?

Asked by: howie adams - 1/1/2017
A: Good morning Howie,

I would get the plain sheepskin insoles size 26 for your slippers. They can be trimmed in the heel if you need to.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/3/2017)

Q: I have a pair of your shearling slippers, I was wondering about replacing the insoles vs buying another pair and I cannot see how I remove the old insole, most of the shearling wool is gone from that now but does it pull out or does the other one simply go over it? and if It goes over it what about the spots that still have wool (or whatever), wouldn't it cause unevenness? Thanks for the reply

Asked by: texvet - 10/30/2017
A: Good morning,

Our slippers do not have removable insoles. Once the wool starts wearing down like you are describing, some customers put in the sheep/foam insoles. Others send them in for repair and some like to get replacement slippers. We offer different options for you so you can just let us know what you would prefer to do. We are coming up on our busiest time of the year and will not be taking repairs until after February 1st.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/30/2017)

Q: Men's size 10 shoe Women's size 9 shoe What size insoles would we each need to order? Your chart doesn't distinguish between men's & lady's shoe sizes. Thank you

Asked by: Roses1 - 12/8/2017
A: I would order a 28 for the men's 10 and a 27 for the women's 9. Trim the heel to fit if required.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/9/2017)

Q: Can these be made thicker and “deeper”?

Asked by: Anna - 5/11/2020
A: We have 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 inch foam that can be used as backing for the insoles. If you would like something thicker than 1/8" on the sheepskin, you will need to call us to place your order.
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/12/2020)

Q: Do you have sheepskin insoles for square-toe boots?

Asked by: Bob - 8/6/2020
A: All of our insoles can be trimmed to fit with a good scissors. For a square toe boot, I would recommend going up a couple sizes and using the original insoles in your boots as a pattern to trim them.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/6/2020)

Q: Is it possible to send used Sundance slippers to you to have the insoles replaced?

Asked by: Donna Wilkerson - 10/22/2020
A: Yes. We can do what we call a re-fur, where we shave the existing insole and glue in a new one. We do not accept repairs in November, December or January, as this is the busiest time of year for us.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/23/2020)

Q: I'm ordering the Santa Fe Moccasins with leather sole (for earthing). But for winter on the cold floors in my house I was thinking the plain sheepskin insoles would be nice to have. Will they fit into the moccasins height-wise (thickness wise) and still allow room for my feet?

Asked by: Donna - 10/25/2020
A: The plain sheepskin insoles are thinner than the earthing insoles in the Santa Fe's, so you would have planty of room for them. I would recommend the Sheepskin and leather reversible earthing for maximum comfort.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/25/2020)

Q: We are pleased with the quality of our new slippers, but would like more cushion in the sole. Would any of the inserts be useful and are the inserts placed directly over the inner lining of the slippers? thank you

Asked by: DAVID - 11/27/2020
A: The replacement sheepskin insoles are designed for our shoes and boots with the molded rubber sole and replaceable insoles. The sheepskin slippers have a sewn in insole and generally do not have enough room inside to put another insole in on top of the existing insole until after they have been worn for many years.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/27/2020)

Q: Hello! I wear a women's size 8. What size should I choose? Also, does the leather bottom option add much height? And how does the sheepskin wear if you are using the leather side up?

Asked by: mo - 1/9/2021
A: I would recommend a size 26 for a ladies 8. All insoles can be trimmed to fit. The leather bottom is a similar thickness to the white foam... approximately 1/8" before being compressed. The insole can be worn leather side up, but works best with leather side down.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/10/2021)

Q: Are the sheepskin insoles are washable? I have two dirty sheepskin insoles

Asked by: Israel Cariaga - 3/5/2021
A: yea. Hand wash in warm water and soap. Rinse and air dry. Comb with steel tooth pet comb when dry if desired.
Answer provided by: Jean (3/5/2021)

Q: Are the sheepskin orthotics washable too? My feet sweat, but I bet they won't sweat as much in tucked into sheepskin?

Asked by: Byra - 9/8/2021
A: Spot cleaning with soap and water will be fine, but I would not recommend complete immersion. Foot sweating is greatly reduced by a natural, breathable material such as sheepskin!
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/9/2021)

Q: Do these shoes have a drop or are they totally flat?

Asked by: Kris - 10/10/2021
A: The replacement sheepskin insole are flat. No drop from heel to toe.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/10/2021)

Q: Hi, Jean et al! I need new inserts for my black sheepskin boots. I don't see colors listed here. I need a women's size 9 in black with the cushiony stuff. How do I make sure that's what I'm getting? THANK YOU!

Asked by: Sara - 12/7/2021
A: Pull out the existing insole on your boots. The size (probably 27) should be marked on the bottom. If the insole has white foam backing, that is the standard 1/8" foam and sheepskin insole. If the foam is black, that is a 1/4" foam insole. If you need the black, 1/4" foam, please order the 1/8" insole and put a comment in the comments section that you would like the black, 1/4" foam.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/8/2021)

Q: Do you offer a sheepskin insole replacement with thicker foam then the 1/4 inch offered ?

Asked by: Hank Diehl - 10/3/2022
A: Yes. We also offer a 3/8" thick foam option. You can order this by making a comment in the comments section. This is a very thick foam and is not appropriate for most situations.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/3/2022)

Q: I have a pair of Colorado Moccasin sheepskin slippers size 11. Which replacement insoles are the warmest? Also, what size insole should I buy?

Asked by: Doug - 1/25/2023
A: The Replacement sheepskin insoles were designed for the Drift, Flurry and skiff which have removable insoles. The insole in the Colorado Moccasin is sewn in and is best replaced by sending them back to us for a "re-fur" ($30 at this time). However, some customers have reported success with the replacement insoles in the slippers, and if you would like to try I would recommend the Sheepskin with 1/8" orthopedic foam in a size 30
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/25/2023)

Q: Sorry, what is the difference between the three insoles that you offer?

Asked by: Susan Marks - 11/28/2023
A: The plain sheepskin insole is just that... a piece of sheepskin cut into the shape of the insole. Best for use where space is limited. The foam and sheepskin insole is the standard insole in the Drift, Flurry and Skiff and has a piece of 1/8" orthopedic foam glued to the sheepskin for more padding and to prevent bunching. The reversible earthing insole replaces the foam padding of the standard insole with 1/8" bullhide as the backer to create an earthing-friendly insole and is generally used in the Santa Fe mocs.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/28/2023)

Q: Made in USA?

Asked by: Ken - 12/10/2023
A: Yes! All of our products are made in Colorado with US materials.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/10/2023)

Q: does this item come as a pair or do I need to order two

Asked by: william Ploof - 2/6/2024
A: All insoles are sold as pairs.
Answer provided by: Dylan (2/6/2024)