Q: how do i measure my foot to get correct size ?

Asked by: kim - 10/29/2015
A: You can give us your shoe size and we can figure your correct size that way. You can also stand on a piece of paper and have someone trace your foot and measure it that way in centimeters.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/30/2015)

Q: can sheepskin insoles be put in these in the winter months for wearing outdoors?

Asked by: nancy - 1/2/2016
A: Yes, the Santa Fe moccasin has a removable insole that is leather and orthopedic foam ($20) and you can use a sheepskin one in the winter. That is the sheepskin and orthopedic foam for $20.00. Some like the arch support(orthotic) option. These insoles work in most all of our products.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/2/2016)

Q: Do the moccasins come with an insole? Or is that a separate charge? Thx Lisa

Asked by: Lisa - 2/27/2016
A: Santa Fe mocs do come with an insole which is 1/4" thick. It has black orthopedic foam with a leather footbed.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/27/2016)

Q: I don't do metric. What size would men's 13 be? Thanks, Brett

Asked by: Brett G - 3/10/2016
A: A men's size 13 would be a size 31 in the Santa Fe Moccasins. A size conversion chart can be found on the Description tab at the bottom of the product page.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/11/2016)

Q: I have worn Nike Moccasins for many years, since the early 90's. I bought every pair I could find when I found out Nike was no longer going to make them. They have a durable rubber wrap around sole and last along time. About how long will a pair of your moccasins last if worn every day, as I do the Nikes? Thanks, Jay A. Buerger Denver, Colorado

Asked by: Jay A. Buerger - 3/20/2016
A: Thank you for finding us and showing interest in our Santa Fe Moccasins! The wear on our moccasins really depends on the surface you plan on wearing them. Moccasins are designed to be used on natural surfaces and made with natural material. Wearing them on asphalt and concrete will definitely wear them out quicker. The leather sole is more durable then the crepe.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/21/2016)

Q: What size to order for US 8-1/2 or European 39?

Asked by: Paula - 5/13/2016
A: For a Ladies 8 1/2 you would order size 25 in our Santa Fe Leather Moccasins.

Have a great day and thanks for checking us out!
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/16/2016)

Q: I wear EEE or EE widths - one foot seemingly longer than the other by a half size (depending on manufacture). Is it of any value for you to have my foot outline in hand? Or would you prefer me to simply measure my foot width too?

Asked by: Dan - 7/2/2016
A: We do make custom Santa Fe Moccasins for wider feet. It is best to send us a tracing of both feet so we can determine whether you need a custom pair or if a regular pattern will work for you. The best way to trace your feet is to stand on a piece of paper and have someone trace your feet. Please mail tracings into Sundance at 800 Fawn Drive, Guffey, CO 80820. Include a piece of paper with your name, number, address, and what product you would like. After receiving and reviewing your tracings, we will give you a call to let you know how much custom charge would be or tell you to go ahead and order our regular pattern.

Hope that helps!
Answer provided by: Administrator (7/5/2016)

Q: If I am just over 26 cm, should I order the 26 or 27? How much do they stretch?

Asked by: Pamela - 7/8/2016
A: hello In answer to the question ...."How much do they stretch ?" I would say "not much" They are all leather and do conform to your individual foot.
Answer provided by: Administrator (7/8/2016)

Q: Can I order this in a 22? I see the smallest size option is 23...

Asked by: Star - 8/31/2016
A: Star-

Yes, you can order the Santa Fe Mocs in a size 22. If you order online, please specify that you want a size 22 in the order comments section of the order. Or you can call us to place your order at 888-479-2244.

Thanks for your interest!
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/1/2016)

Q: Still confused about how to measure the correct sides. I've gotten different numbers so I'm confused... I would wear a size 7 snug and women's so how big is that in centimeters unisex?

Asked by: onaray - 9/1/2016
A: Sorry for any confusion. You would wear size 24 in the Santa Fe Moccasins if you wear a snug 7.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/3/2016)
A: A snug women's 7 would be size 23 in our Santa Fe Moccasins.

Hope that helps.
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/1/2016)

Q: I have a rather wide foot and high instep. Will this boot fit?

Asked by: George - 9/30/2016
A: Good morning,

I need a little bit more information on what size you usually wear, how wide, and how high is the instep? We usually ask that you snail mail us a copy of a foot tracing to insure you will fit into our shoes if they are not average foot size. You can mail that to Sundance
800 Fawn Dr
Guffey,CO 80820
and write your name, number, address, and desired shoe style on the paper as well.

Answer provided by: Administrator (10/3/2016)

Q: Are these designed to be warned without socks? I'm wondering if they will be warm enough without socks in fall weather, perhaps with the addition of the sheepskin for bed? I cannot wear socks with shoes because they're too hard for me to get on.

Asked by: kathy - 10/6/2016
A: Hey Kathy,

These will provide you with some warmth during fall but not great in the snow. The sizes are set up to accommodate socks or barefoot so check the sizing chart when ordering. I would recommend you getting an extra pair of the sheepskin insoles to put in them in colder months. All of our insoles in our shoes are replaceable so it would be easy to take the leather one out and switch back and forth depending on the weather.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/6/2016)

Q: got a picture of these in chocolate brown?

Asked by: tj - 11/9/2016
A: Good morning TJ,

We are updating some pictures on our page and this is on the list. There is a color grid under the picture featured if you scroll all the way over. I will take a picture and email it to you as well.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/9/2016)

Q: If I wear an 8N and take a 7.5 in your slipper-what size shouldl I take in this moccasin?

Asked by: JoAnn - 12/7/2016
A: Hey Joann,

You should fit into our size 24 Santa Fe Moccasins.

Answer provided by: Administrator (12/8/2016)

Q: I love your slippers(never have I seen such thick sheepskin)and have had a pair for 5-6 years. I'm thinking of ordering the Santa Fe Moccasins and was wondering are the conchos glued on?

Asked by: Dot - 6/16/2017
A: Good morning,

The Conchos are laced on and can be moved around or removed if you would like.
You will find the conchos under the accessories section and they are only $5.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/19/2017)

Q: I can only wear leather soled shoes at this point - but I have wide feet. My current moccasins are womens 8E. what size should I order and will they be wide enough?

Asked by: Eileen - 9/20/2017
A: Good afternoon Eileen,

Our Santa Fe Moccasins usually fit the E width but if you wanted to insure this, you can send us a tracing of your feet before ordering. You would stand on a sheet of paper and have someone trace both feet as close as they can get to the edge of your feet. Mail it into us here at 800 Fawn Dr, Guffey CO 80820. Include your name, number, address, and which style of shoe you are interested in and we can call you to let you know what size would be right for you. If you wanted to try and order a size 25 Santa Fe Moccasin and you should be ok. Try it on the carpet for about 15 minutes and if they are too tight you can send them back with a foot tracing.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/20/2017)

Q: I live here in Guffey. I am an SASS shooter with planters facetious. Could I come over and try on moccs with my Orthotics?

Asked by: Duck Boy McCoy - 1/22/2018
A: Good afternoon,

That would be fine if you come by our production shop. We do ask that you call to schedule an appointment to insure that we are working at the time you would like to come. 888-479-2244

Look forward to meeting you,
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/22/2018)

Q: Realizing it is may be different with each customer, but are these easy to slip on from a standing position?

Asked by: Laurie - 4/5/2018
A: I would say they are relatively easy to slip on from a standing position, but that depends on several factors, including how tight the laces are tied, how snug the fit, etc.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/5/2018)

Q: Not clear how heavy the upper leather is,, does it stand up by itself? Or do I need to pull the moccasin on?? Also, I like to wear an all-leather moccasin w/o socks, will the foot bed withstand sweat fairly well??

Asked by: John - 4/25/2018
A: The leather upper is a heavy, 8 oz cowhide that holds its shape fairly well without being stiff. The foot bed does well with bare feet, but if your feet tend to be sweaty, I would recommend getting a spare set of insoles and swapping them out occasionally to let the other pair dry and air out.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/25/2018)

Q: Good afternoon, I really admire your moccasin, I’m generally an 8 1/2, not sure whether to get the 25 or 26 ? I do wear an orthotic in my shoes, I have many custom pairs and as long as I wear an enclosed shoe they usually fit. Your thoughts?

Asked by: Cynthia - 9/8/2019
A: Thanks for your interest in our Santa Fe moccasins. Most people can wear more than one size. I would recommend the 26 if you want room for an extra orthotic insole and/or heavy socks. The 25 would be a snugger fit but would also work for you.
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/9/2019)

Q: Hi, Would the double leather sole allow for an insert? I like the idea of this sole for longevity but would like to but an orthotic at some point. Plus if I were to get the size 24 Santa Fe which would fit my size 7/7.5 feet what size orthotic insert would need to be purchased. I notice that the size guide for the inserts indicate that size 25 is supposed to fit size 7 shoe. Thank you for your advice. Lydia

Asked by: Lydia - 3/6/2020
A: Lydia-
The Santa Fe Moccasin will accept any of our replacement insoles, including the built-in orthotic. The sizing on the insoles recommends a larger size because the insoles are trim to fit in other footwear, but you should go with the same size if you are replacing insoles in our footwear.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/8/2020)

Q: I bought your moccasins a couple years ago, size 10. They are too large. Will they shrink if I thoroughly soak and sun dry? Thank you. Ps. I love your product and have referred others. Stay safe.

Asked by: Priscilla - 4/21/2020
A: The Santa Fe's may shrink slightly and stiffen up a bit if you soak them and sun dry, but not by much. A thicker insole may be best if they are too large.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/22/2020)

Q: Do you guys have a color chart?

Asked by: Mary - 6/29/2020
A: The color chart is the last image on the Santa Fe page. Scroll all the way to the right, and you will see the color chart.
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/30/2020)

Q: Can I see the leather moccasin color chart?

Asked by: Diana - 9/25/2020
A: Click on the arrows below the product picture to scroll through all the pictures. The color chart is the last image.
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/25/2020)

Q: re: Santa Fe leather moccasin: If I ordered the double leather insole style, could a foam insole still be added by me IF desired ( would there still be room?) Also, IF I ordered the Flurry Sheepskin Boot as a present for son, would it be returnable for credit refund if not liked ? Thank you for what sounds like GREAT WORKMANSHIP ! Happy THanksgiving & stay well

Asked by: judy anderson - 11/24/2020
A: The insoles in the Santa Fe's can be removed and replaced with any insole style. Stacking insoles might work, but you may encounter issues with insoles sliding around or bunching. If you need to take up more room, we sell insoles of varying thickness. All of our products in new condition are returnable for a refund.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/24/2020)

Q: How do these moccasins fair with wet weather if they don't have a sole and are just raw leather on the bottom?

Asked by: Tia - 12/4/2020
A: The Santa Fe moccasins have a heavy bull-hide sole. Wet weather will not hurt them, and they can be waterproofed with any product that is compatible with top grain leathers. Smooth, wet surfaces can be slippery, but traction is surprisingly good when your feet can mold to the environment.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/4/2020)

Q: I do not see red as a color option. Is it available?

Asked by: Ann Carpico - 12/27/2020
A: I do currently have a red hide for the Santa Fe's. If you would like to order red, place an order online for any color and put in the comments section that you would like red. Please note that this is good for 12/2020 only. Please contact us for availability at later times.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/27/2020)

Q: I see a previous question about sizing for a snug women's size 7 was answered with both 23 and 24. If I'm a regular women's size 7, would I order a 24 or a 25? Thanks.

Asked by: Deb - 12/29/2021
A: I would recommend the size 24.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/29/2021)

Q: Are these moccasins to be worn outdoors or indoors?

Asked by: Ken - 8/13/2022
A: The Santa Fe mocs can be worn indoors and outdoors.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/13/2022)

Q: How much does a custom pair of moccasins cost? And would just providing a drawing of each foot be good enough to make a pair? Thank you!

Asked by: Deme Vangelatos - 10/3/2022
No Answers have been submitted yet.

Q: I am a 9.5 Shoe size American and 40.5 European. Would that be a 27 CM in your measurement? Also, would this moccasin stretch so that I should purchase a smaller half-size?

Asked by: Jane - 3/4/2023
A: I would recommend a 27 if you want to wear socks with them. They will stretch some and form to your foot over time, but not significantly like our slippers do.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/4/2023)

Q: I don't understand your sizing, I am 5.5 to 6 in women's shoes. Also what is the leather of the mocs and can I use it outdoors? Should I order smaller since leather does stretch with moose and elk? Also do you ever have sales?

Asked by: Helen - 3/25/2023
A: The Santa Fe is made of cowhide, and can be worn outdoors. The stretch factor is built into our sizing, and while they will stretch some, they will not stretch nearly as much as deer or elk. I recommend a size 22 for a ladies 5.5-6. We try to give everyone the best price we can, everyday, so we do not generally have sales.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/25/2023)

Q: I’ve bought 2 pairs of these from you and am looking to buy a black pair. I wear a size 8-8.5 shoe. What size do you recommend?

Asked by: Lucinda - 3/30/2023
A: The black will fit the same as the other colors. I would recommend a size 25 for a ladies 8 - 8 1/2
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/30/2023)

Q: I wear a size 10 men’s so would that be a 26cm or 27?I would prefer they fit right and I noticed you said they don’t stretch much. Thanks

Asked by: Rock - 7/17/2023
A: If you plan to wear them barefoot with earthing insoles and prefer a tight fit, I would recommend a size 27. Otherwise I would recommend a size 28 for a Men's 10. They will stretch slightly and form to your foot over time.
Answer provided by: Administrator (7/17/2023)

Q: I have poor circulation and neuropathy in toes wondering if you made sort of like the wicked good slipper shoe So that shearling will cover entire foot especially top of toes ? Love your shoes

Asked by: Wheelz - 7/25/2023
A: Any of our sheepskin footwear would fit the bill. For a soft sole, the Colorado Moccasin or the Slide are great. These are suitable for indoor/limited outdoor use. For a traction sole, the Skiff, Flurry and Drift will keep you warm indoors and out.
Answer provided by: Administrator (7/25/2023)

Q: Your sizing is in cm (I couldn't find where to convert to in.) I wear a size 12US. What size would that be in cm? Thanks, M.

Asked by: Mike - 8/23/2023
A: I would recommend a size 30 for a Men's 12
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/23/2023)

Q: do they come in wide width?

Asked by: Jo Ann Longenecker - 10/21/2023
A: We can accommodate wide widths in the Santa Fe. Just request a wide pair during checkout and we will get you a wider pair.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/21/2023)

Q: I'm looking for a size 9. I don't know what your size chart is?

Asked by: Shirley Sattler - 10/28/2023
A: We recommend a size 26 for a Ladies 9
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/28/2023)

Q: How thick are soles? What type of leather are soles made of?

Asked by: Mike - 11/24/2023
A: The soles of the Santa Fe are made of bullhide and are approximately 3/16" thick.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/24/2023)

Q: I normally wear an 8 wide or 8.5 reg in shoes. I have a very wide foot. Which size would you recommend for me? Thank you!

Asked by: Lynn - 12/6/2023
A: I would recommend the size 25 in the Santa Fe. Request a wide pair at checkout to help us pick the best pair for you.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/6/2023)

Q: If they don’t fit can I return?

Asked by: Pam - 1/26/2024
A: Yes! Any item in new condition can be returned for a refund of the full product price.
Answer provided by: Dylan (1/26/2024)

Q: My husband is a natural size 10.5 but wears an 11 in sneakers and a 10 in fine leather shoes. What size should I get for him? 28 or 29 cm?

Asked by: Glennis - 2/1/2024
A: We would recommend the size 28.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/1/2024)