Q: Could you tell me how high these boots are please?

Asked by: Peter - 12/16/2015
A: The drift boots are 10 inches high.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/16/2015)

Q: I love sheepskin boots but really need them a bit higher Would about 16-18 inches be possible? Also could you tell me the width of the foot at the widest part for size 12? As I always look for maximum resilience and comfort could you indicate the thickness of the sheepskin wool (fur) in the interior?

Asked by: Hilary - 2/11/2016
A: Hey Hilary,

The Cornice boot is the maximum height we would go on our boots. It measures at 14 inches. That is 10 inches boot and a 4 inch cuff added. For a size 12, you would order a 31. The widest part in that size measures at 4 1/8 inch and the sheepskin thickness is 5/8.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/11/2016)

Q: Are these boots very durable and able to be used often in very cold ice and snow conditions for a person who walks everywhere here in very cold and snowy Iowa? Are the boots waterproof also? Again, trying to find boots, shoes that are not made by slave-labor workforce to the best of my ability, but need very sturdy and long lasting boots. Thanks.

Asked by: Amrit - 3/2/2016
A: The Drift boot is a very durable boot. The upper is 100% US sheepskin, with a cowhide overlay on the heel and toe for extra durability. The insoles are replaceable. The TPR sole is very durable as well, and the boots can be re-soled if needed. They can be waterproofed with a silicone spray.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/4/2016)

Q: Being a leather boot, do these tend to stretch a bit once worn? I wear a size 8 but my leather work boots are all 7.5. Also, the cut-out on the toe. Is the leather cut out to expose the material from the inside of the boot? If so, does that inside material "push" out through the cut-out over time? Thanks!

Asked by: KH - 11/16/2016
A: Good morning,

These boots are actually sheepskin with a leather overlay. They stretch a little but not much so I would recommend you get the size 26. The cut out in the toe is just for looks with a double layer of leather so no material will come through.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/16/2016)

Q: Is the centimeter sizing measured from tip of big toe to heel? Mine is 25.4. What do you suggest?

Asked by: J - 10/19/2018
A: The centimeter sizing is measured from the tip of the toe to the heel of the last that we use to build the boot, so a size 25 would be snug without a sock on a 25 cm foot. At 25.4 cm, I would recommend the size 26.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/22/2018)

Q: are these boots for men or women?

Asked by: douglas webb - 11/22/2019
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Q: What is the height of the drift sheepskin boot?

Asked by: Teresa - 12/13/2019
A: Drift boots are 10 inches. The Cornice boot is 13 1/2 inches high
Answer provided by: Jean (12/14/2019)

Q: Are these slipper boots? I've had a pair of UGG boots for 23 years and they are finally wearing out. I wear them all winter around the house chorin and lounging. I wear them shoveling the driveway, quick trips to the store...I am looking for something to replace them that is comfortable like a slipper but wearable. Will these fit the bill or should I get the actual slipper boot you make?

Asked by: Brian - 10/1/2020
A: I would consider the Drift Boot more of a boot than a slipper. The molder rubber sole is flexible and comfortable with excellent traction, but will p[ick up snow and dirt if running in and out. The Colorado Moccasin or High Top Colorado Moccasin are durable enough to wear in and out, yet comfy enough to curl up on the couch in. I would not recommend shoveling snow with the leather sole.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/1/2020)

Q: Hi there! Can you please tell me the circumference of the top of the boot? I need to know if they will fit my calves, thank you!

Asked by: Denise - 1/24/2021
A: The circumference of the top of the boot depends on the size. A size 26 measures about 14" and there is approximately 3/8" difference between sizes.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/24/2021)

Q: Can't find a size on my last pair. one of them has fallen apart. very disappointing. didn't wear them the first year. Do you still have our records? Jim & Nancy Gribin / Youell 1605 20th st Ogden UT 84401 8017919609

Asked by: N. ancy - 3/5/2021
A: you ordered a size 24 in 2017. I'm sorry you are unhappy with the durability. I will repair your boots for a nominal fee after the warranty period has expired. Just send them back to us with a note containing your contact information and I will call with a repair estimate before beginning repairs.
Answer provided by: Jean (3/6/2021)

Q: Should socks be worn with these when worn outside?

Asked by: Jenne - 9/17/2021
A: It is not necessary to wear socks with them when worn outside. Do what feels most comfortable!
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/17/2021)

Q: Do these boots have a drop or are they totally flat like a moccasin?

Asked by: Kris - 10/10/2021
A: The drift boots have approximately 1/2" of drop from heel to toe built into the shoe. The insole is flat.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/10/2021)

Q: I have two questions... 1. my wife is a size 9.5, what size should I get her? 2. If i order this week, will I have them by x-mas?

Asked by: Jim - 12/8/2021
A: I would recommend a size 27 for a ladies 9 1/2. Most orders ship within 24-48 hours of your order, so delivery by X-Mas should not be a problem
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/8/2021)

Q: I’m an active walker in the winter here in Minnesota. Looking for a waterproof/semi waterproof, WARM, good tread, boot to power walk my dogs on the Mississippi River road trail. I like the distressed drift sheepskin boots. Would this work or do you recommend a different style? My US shoe size is 6.5-7. What size do you recommend? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Laurie

Asked by: Laurie - 12/31/2021
A: The Drift boot would be a great choice for you. They can be waterproofed with silicone spray or other leather waterproofer and seam sealer. I would recommend the size 24 if you like a snug fit on a bare foot, or the size 25 if you prefer to wear socks. Thicker socks and possibly a thicker insole would be perfect in the 25.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/2/2022)

Q: My measurement is 26.034 ie 10.25 inches Should I wear 27? Thank you!!

Asked by: Kathy - 8/3/2022
A: Yes, I would recommend a size 27 in the Drift boot for a 10 1/4 inch foot.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/3/2022)

Q: Can they be worn in snow? Waterproof? Love the hats we got years ago!!! My hat is about 30 yrs old and looks new!!!

Asked by: Denise Snell - 10/13/2022
A: The Drift boots are built for snow! They can be waterproofed with anything approved for leather. We find a silicone spray water proofer is easiest, while oil based water proofers offer the best protection.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/13/2022)

Q: I ususally wear around a 8 1/2 wide shoe what size would that be in the Drift Sheepskin Boot?

Asked by: Judy - 11/25/2022
A: I would recommend a size 26 for an 8 1/2 wide ladies. It may be a bit snug to start but should form to your foot quickly.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/25/2022)

Q: what size in cm is 7.5 US?

Asked by: KLH - 11/27/2022
A: I would recommend a size 25 for a Ladies 7 1/2
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/27/2022)

Q: I wear an 8 wide or occasionally an 8 1/2 wide. What size will fit me best? Thanks!

Asked by: Mary - 11/11/2023
A: I would recommend the size 26.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/11/2023)

Q: I am so excited to find you guys! i can't believe i haven't before. i would really like the boot in distressed 25cm. it says unavailable, might it be available soon? thanks!!

Asked by: Kelly - 11/15/2023
A: Our availablility on the drift boots in that color and size is limited, but I do still have some left. I updated the website inventory, so you should be able to order now.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/15/2023)

Q: I have a very wide foot which requires a large square toe box. What boot would best suit me?

Asked by: Diane - 11/17/2023
A: All of our boots are built around the same sole, so all will be a similar width. The toe box is rather square and wider than average, so I think you have a good chance of fitting in any of them. Let us know you have a wide foot in the comments section during checkout and we will find the best pair for you.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/17/2023)

Q: I am a size 7 US what size should I order the drift sheepskin boot!???

Asked by: Callie - 4/5/2024
A: I would recommend a size 25 in the Drift Boot for a size 7 US
Answer provided by: Dylan (4/5/2024)