Q: What is the difference between ladies and unisex slippers?

Asked by: Bev - 1/11/2016
A: We use a unisex sizing system for all of our products. Footwear is either sized in centimeters or by shoe size. Leather soled sheepskin slippers should be ordered by shoe size and we will send you our corresponding unisex size. Our sizing runs fairly true to a ladies size in the ladies size 5-9 range and fairly true to a men's size in the men's size 9-10 1/2 range. The larger sizes 11-15 are quite generous for men's sizes. For products that are sized in centimeters, please see the centimeter sizing chart that corresponds to the specific style that you are looking at.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/12/2016)

Q: Hi.....the last time I ordered ladies slippers from you, you made the toe box a little wider and they were PERFECT! I see where your prices have gone up. How much extra do you charge for a wider toe box now?? Thank you for your time. Rose

Asked by: Rose - 2/9/2016
A: Unless you have placed a custom order, our patterns have been the same for years. With that being said, each pair does vary. We can make the toe wider during the production if you would let us know when you order at no charge. If you had to order a custom pair last time, then there would be a custom charge of $25 and we would need a tracing of your feet mailed to us at 800 Fawn Dr, Guffey, CO 80820.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/9/2016)

Q: Are you sti ll able to put a leather "canoe-style" sole on these as a special order?

Asked by: Taylor - 12/22/2016
A: Good afternoon Taylor,

We do still take custom orders for this style. Unfortunately we are not taking any custom order until after January 1st due to this being our busiest time of the year.
Please call 888-479-2244 after January 1st to order.

Thank you
and have a wonderful holiday!
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/22/2016)

Q: Are these Moccasin Slippers made to just slip on or do they come up to or above the ankle? Betty

Asked by: Betty Barton - 11/9/2017
A: Good morning,

This Colorado Moccasin style is made to be worn down at the ankle or up slightly above the ankle. We do have the Slides that have an open back that is easy to slip on. Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/10/2017)

Q: oops I also meant to ask if this slipper is soft sole our hard sole? Betty

Asked by: Betty Barton - 11/9/2017
A: Hey Betty,

These are soft sole slippers. The leather is very durable but can be slippery on wet surfaces. We offer a rubber crepe bottom that is a soft bottom as well but has some traction control, but not as durable.

Answer provided by: Administrator (11/10/2017)

Q: Hi I'm interested in the Deluxe Colorado Moccasin. I wear a size 10 shoe... would this be my best size in this slipper or should I order up or down half a size? Thanks for your help!

Asked by: Lisa W. - 1/29/2020
A: Lisa-

I would order by your shoe size in the Deluxe Colorado Moccasin. We would ship a Sundance Unisex size 9 1/2 for a Ladies size 10, which I think would be the best fit for you.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/29/2020)

Q: Hello, is the footbed, lining and cuff of the Deluxe Moccasin from shearling or sheepskin? Thanks!

Asked by: Robba - 12/31/2020
A: Yes, the lining of the Deluxe Colorado Moccasin is made entirely of shearling sheepskin. Shearling is a type of sheepskin where the fur has been sheared to a specific length (5/8" in this case) as opposed to being left at it's natural length.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/31/2020)

Q: what color is the body of this slipper in the burgundy/denim. The pictures show it as both pink with pink shearling ,or some look tan ?

Asked by: Mary Morley - 8/24/2021
A: The body is a tan color on all of our slippers. The pinkish hue in some of the pictures is due to poor photography on our part. Sorry for the confusion.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/24/2021)

Q: Does the ankle high style have a lower back? Like a slide?

Asked by: Jeanne Jerding - 10/15/2021
A: The ankle high style, the Deluxe Colorado Moccasin, has a straight cuff, 5" tall all the way around. A lower back version, the Deluxe Slide, is also available. This has a short, 1" seam at the back, rising to the standard 5" cuff in front.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/15/2021)

Q: I have a wide foot, usually get wide width shoes. Would these be a good choice?

Asked by: Teresa - 10/31/2021
A: Yes! Just let us know during checkout that you have a wide foot and we can accommodate you.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/31/2021)

Q: Do you have the ladies slipper bootie with the purple on the toe? Can't seem to be able to bring it up on the order form. Thank you.

Asked by: Karla - 11/22/2021
A: The Lilac and Purple toe is the first option on the color choice drop down menu. Please note that the product picture does not change when a color is selected. Please call us at (719) 479-2244 if you continue to have trouble.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/22/2021)

Q: How do you wash these? I was tempted to put them in the washer on cold delicate cycle, but thought I better wait to hear from you. Thank you, Tam

Asked by: Tam - 1/25/2023
A: All of our products are washable. We recommend hand washing in cool water with a very mild soap such as Ivory hand soap. Do not use detergent! Form and air dry. For sheepskin items, be careful to dry completely before combing out with a metal pet comb if desired.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/25/2023)

Q: Is it possible to see more color combos for The Deluxe ? Showen in pink. Sage combo color & the denim combo?

Asked by: Susan - 2/18/2023
A: The last photo shows a pinwheel of all 6 color combinations available on the Deluxe Colorado Moccasin. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like more pictures of a specific color combo.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/20/2023)

Q: Are the insoles removable in the deluxe style? I'd like to order a spare pair when I buy the slippers. Thank you, Carla

Asked by: Carla - 10/2/2023
A: The insoles are not removable in the Colorado Moccasin.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/3/2023)