Q: I usually get LL bean but my friend said to check you out. My men shoe size is 8.5 what size slipper should I get? Thanks

Asked by: Chris - 10/26/2015
A: Hi
You could wear either 8.5 or 9 in our sizes....I would get the 8.5 if you like a snug, bare foot fit, or a 9 if you usually have a sock or want a looser fit. Either will stretch a bit, Thanks for the interest in our made in the USA products!
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/26/2015)

Q: I wear a Ladies 7.5 wide width shoe - will these slippers fit my wide feet? Hoping so! Thanks!

Asked by: Phoenix - 12/1/2015
A: yes, these will fit a wide foot.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/7/2015)

Q: Do you still sell sole inserts for these?

Asked by: Jeff DeBenon - 12/5/2015
A: yes, the foam and sheepskin insert should work best.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/7/2015)

Q: Do they run true to size? I ordered a pair for my husband 2-3 years ago and would like to order another pair (unfortunately they are at our cottage at the lake so can't verify the size).

Asked by: Gwendolyn Hard - 2/8/2016
A: The men's sizes run true to size in most cases. You can select sizes in Mens when ordering and if there is any adjustments needed, we will do so when filling your order.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/8/2016)

Q: It's this a true slide or does it have a little raised area behind the heel?

Asked by: Grammy - 10/25/2016
A: Good morning Grammy,

There is about 3/4 inch seam in the back.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/25/2016)

Q: I intend to purchase a pair of your Slide Sheepskin Slippers for my wife. Before I do so, I have heard that those slippers can have either leather soles or soles made of some other material. If so, what is the "other" material and what are the benefits and drawbacks of the two types of soles? I don't think the order form on your website specified which type of sole a customer will obtain -- is leather the standard sole unless a customer asks for something else? Thanks.

Asked by: George - 10/31/2016
A: Hi George. Thanks for your interest in our slide sheepskin slippers. The standard sole on this model is the leather sole, at $95.00
The other option is a natural crepe sole, and this is the sole you would want if traction is your main concern, as it is more "grippy," especially on wet surfaces . Both the leather and the crepe are similar weight. flexibility, and feel,. Leather is the most durable. The crepe is a special order on the slides so if that is what you want, please call us. The cost of the crepe sole slide is $104.00
Thanks again!
1 888 479 2244
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/1/2016)

Q: Do these run true to size? I wear 7 to 7 1/2 depending on the shoe. Also do you have a discount coupon? I am interested in purchasing the ladies 1/2 slipper.

Asked by: Anna - 11/4/2017
A: Hey Anna,

These do run true to size. If you plan on wearing socks with them or have wide feet I would say get the 7 1/2. If you plan on wearing them with bare feet then I would get the size 7. The sheepskin will pack down and stretch a bit, so you want a snug fit at the beginning.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/6/2017)

Q: I was wondering if these are a slide or offer any width at the heel? I'm looking for a little more support in the heel area than a slide. Also what is the price with the crepe sole?

Asked by: Connie - 11/13/2017
A: Hey Connie,

There is a 1" lip in the back of these slippers that help keep them on but not much for support. I would suggest you look at the Colorado Moccasin slipper if you would like support in the heel. If you wanted to add crepe to the Slide you would have to call in a custom order. If you want crepe bottom on the Colorado Moccasin, just scroll down on the slippers page and they are down towards the bottom.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/13/2017)

Q: My husband wears a 4E shoe. Will the slide slipper fit? TY

Asked by: Kathy - 11/30/2017
A: Good morning,

Our slippers usually fit up to 3E in the width. You could give them a try and if they did not work we would have to do a custom cut. I would put it in the comments section that it is for a 4E width at the time of ordering If you would like to order. Have him try barefoot on the carpet for 15 mins. You want a snug fit to begin with because they will stretch and pack down a little bit. As long as they are in like new condition you can return them if they do not work. We will not be taking any custom orders until after February 1st since we are in our busy season. If you do want to do a custom order there is a $25 fee and 15% restocking fee if you need to return or exchange for any reason. We recommend sending us a hard copy of a foot tracing of both feet.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/30/2017)

Q: I read the question about the different soles. The answer mentioned that the crepe sole is more "grippy" (esp. for wet surfaces). I was wondering about the leather soles on hardwood stairs (for preteens that wear adult sizes). Would the leather provide enough grip. If you recommend the crepe sole, is there an issue with latex allergies? Thanks

Asked by: J Mason - 11/30/2017
A: Good morning,

The crepe is good for wet or icy surfaces. A lot of our older customers like them to prevent slipping with old age. The leather sole does just fine on wood floors and stairs. We do use latex glue to attach the sole to the slipper, but there is no contact with skin and we have not had any issues with previous customers.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/30/2017)

Q: Buying for my wife she wears a size 7 shoe should I get 6.5 or 7 in your slipper ?

Asked by: ray - 12/12/2017
A: Hey Ray,

I would get her the size ladies 7.

Hope that helps,
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/12/2017)

Q: Can these slippers come with the rubber sole?

Asked by: Liza - 9/27/2019
A: I can make the slide with the crepe rubber sole as a special order. Please call 719-479-2233 for special orders.
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/27/2019)

Q: Do you have women's narrow sizes in your sheepskin slippers?

Asked by: janet - 10/8/2019
A: We can make a narrow pair for you if you let us know in the comment section before you check out.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/8/2019)

Q: Do you have pictures more pictures of slide sheepskin slippers and picture of soft sole bottom?

Asked by: Jeff - 10/17/2019
A: Unfortunately, we do not have any other pictures of the slide at this time. Images of the leather sole can be found on the Santa Fe page... the same leather is used for all of our leather sole products.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/17/2019)

Q: Are the bottom of your skid resistance material?

Asked by: Bill - 11/26/2019
A: The leather sole on the slide sheepskin slippers is a great all-around sole, but can be slippery under wet or icy conditions. For a skid resistant slipper, try our Colorado Moccasin Sheepskin Slipper with Traction Rubber Crepe Sole, or the Skiff Sheepskin Clogs
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/26/2019)

Q: Do your slippers have a removeable insole? And, are ALL parts of the upper actually leather? I've been disappointed in the past with slippers that have only some shearling, and the rest polar fleece. Thank you!

Asked by: Julie - 4/22/2020
A: The Slides are 100% sheepskin around your foot with a cowhide sole on the bottom. The insole is sewn in, but we can replace it for a moderate repair fee if needed.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/22/2020)

Q: Hi just wondering if they are true to size. I'm a 9 normally. Also are they returnable if I don't like them?

Asked by: Carole - 4/27/2020
A: Our sizes are generous for women, so a size 9 is 9 to 9.5...the 8.5 is 8.5 to 9 in ladies. Most people can wear more than one size, so it depends if you like a snug bare foot fit, then order the 8.5, or a looser fit with socks, order the 9. You can exchange or refund if products are returned in new condition. Thanks for the interest!
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/28/2020)

Q: Would you be able to make this in 11 AA or extra Narrow? Or just Narrow?

Asked by: AnnMarie - 6/21/2020
A: Yes I can make them narrower for you. If you order on line, there is a place for comments, and that is where you can let me know your width. I will not charge a custom fee. Thanks for your interest! If you prefer to call, our number is 719 479 2233
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/22/2020)

Q: I have a wide foot and heel, wear socks and like toe room. Have to get men's sizing in shoes. If I wear between 7 1/2 - 8 in mens sizing, x-wide, should I order 8 1/2 or 9 in unisizing?

Asked by: Phyllis - 10/1/2020
A: I would recommend an 8 1/2 in the unisex sizing. Let us know in the comments section your specific needs, and we will pick the best pair for you!
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/1/2020)

Q: Is there a back at the heel on these slippers? Photo?

Asked by: Gloria - 11/28/2020
A: There is a seam at the back approximately 3/4"-1" high. Sorry, I do not have a picture of the back at this time.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/28/2020)

Q: Is there a way to measure my foot so it is compatible with your measurements? I'd like it to fit perfectly :-)

Asked by: Jim - 11/29/2020
A: The best way is to order by your normal shoe size and put in the comments section any other pertinent information, such as wide or narrow width, if you will wear them barefoot or with heavy socks, or if you like a snug or loose fit. Sheepskin is a natural material, and varies from hide to hide, so every pair is different, and we have gotten pretty good at picking the right pair for you!
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/29/2020)

Q: My wife loves this style of slipper, but is particular about the sole. Can you send a picture of the leather sole?

Asked by: Ken - 12/3/2020
No Answers have been submitted yet.

Q: I am looking for this type of slipper that has a totally FLAT bottom - no wedge or insert in the heel. Are these sheepskin only on the bottom? Thank you for your time.

Asked by: Jeannine - 12/24/2020
A: There is no wedge or insert in the sole of the Slide sheepskin slipper. The insole is 100% sheepskin with a bull-hide double sole for durability.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/24/2020)

Q: Hello - Are the soles the same type of material as the top of slipper as shown, or are the soles a smooth leather? Thanks for your time.

Asked by: Jeannine - 12/26/2020
A: we have a double sole construction, so the inside is sheepskin, next to your foot, and the outside is cowhide, over the sheepskin, on the ground. The cowhide is a top grain and has some variety to the texture. but primarily a smooth leather
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/27/2020)

Q: I would like to buy these for my wife mostly as an indoor slipper but occasionally she would wear them outside to take out the trash or feed the dogs. I am concerned about the sole on wet or icy surfaces. One of the questions mentioned a different sole, how do you order these slippers with a different sole?

Asked by: Brian - 9/21/2021
A: We do not put a crepe sole on the slide as a production model for various reasons. It would have to be done on a custom order basis. Please call us at 719-479-2233 for custom order requests.
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/21/2021)

Q: I would like to order slippers for my husband but not sure of size. He wears a 12-12.5, wide sneaker and sometimes a 13 in a shoe. How can I make sure of the size he needs? Thank you, Carol

Asked by: Carol - 11/23/2021
A: I would recommend our size 12 in the Slide. just mention in the comments during checkout what you have said here, and we send the right pair for him.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/24/2021)

Q: Do you accept paypal?

Asked by: Lorraine Jarden - 12/27/2021
A: Yes! PayPal will show up as a payment option during checkout.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/27/2021)

Q: How do I order the dark brown buffalo?

Asked by: Bj Williams - 5/4/2022
A: Sorry, I do not have the slide available in any color but natural with the cowhide sole
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/5/2022)

Q: I normally wear a women's size 8, though occasionally 8.5----if I want to order the Slide, do you think I should I order the 8? thanks----also not sure difference between unisex 8 and women's 8.

Asked by: Anne - 9/8/2022
A: I would recommend the ladies size 8. The slides run slightly large and will stretch and form to your foot quickly. We use a unisex sizing system, so it is recommended that you order by your shoe size as a new customer. If you have an old pair that says 8 1/2 on the bottom or tag, order by the Sundance unisex size.
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/8/2022)

Q: hi there, are you still offering the option to add a rubber sole to the sheepskin slippers? thank you!

Asked by: Lindsay - 11/15/2022
A: The crepe rubber sole is only available on the Colorado Moccasin and Santa Fe Moccasin
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/15/2022)

Q: My mom likes a smooth leather sole as opposed to suede. You do not have a picture of the leather sole. Is it smooth or sueded?

Asked by: Deborah - 5/16/2023
A: The sole on the Slide is a 6-8 oz top-grain (smooth) cowhide.
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/16/2023)

Q: Is the sole on the Slide cowhide or sheep skin?

Asked by: Jan - 10/11/2023
A: The insole of the slide is sheepskin, with a heavy cowhide outer sole sewn on.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/11/2023)

Q: i would like to order an 11 4e in the slide sheepskin slippers.is that possible and how do i do it?

Asked by: gerald matthews - 10/20/2023
A: A 4E width would be a custom order. You can call us at 719-479-2233 to place your order. A foot tracing will probably be required for custom orders.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/20/2023)

Q: Hi there, do you offer any military discount? Thanks ??

Asked by: Chris Heist - 11/22/2023
A: Thank you for your service! We try to give everyone the lowest price we can everyday, so we do not offer discounts or sales.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/22/2023)

Q: Are these slippers NEW. I do not want any returns. Thank you

Asked by: susie garriott - 1/21/2024
A: YES! Returns are marked down and sold at our retail locations.
Answer provided by: Dylan (1/21/2024)

Q: I have very narrow feet. I really want to purchase the slides, but if they are too wide I'll have to send them right back. ? any guidance ? PS I wear size 8 &1/2 or 9 in regular shoes. Thank you!

Asked by: Jan - 1/30/2024
A: I would recommend a size 8 1/2. Let us know in the comments section during checkout that you have narrow feet and we will do our best to accommodate you
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/31/2024)

Q: I'm needing soft padding for the bottom of my feet, as I tend to push too hard on the floor when I sit on my balance ball working at my low desk, and I have a place that gets calloused, then sore. I am hoping the sheepskin slide slippers have sheepskin inside at the bottom of my foot, and not just the leather sole? Is that how they are? I want really cushy under my feet, but still slip-on for wearing inside the house. Thanks!

Asked by: Darshana - 2/12/2024
A: The slide has a leather bottom sewn over a sheepskin insole. Super cushy sheepskin surrounding your foot!
Answer provided by: Dylan (2/12/2024)