Welcome! Meet the Sundance Family
Barry and Jean Anderson started Sundance Sheepskin & Leather in Guffey Colorado in 1971.  Like most small family run businesses owners they wear lots of hats.  Barry handles all of the repairs - of products, vehicles, sewing machines...you name it!  His specialty as far as products go is the Leather Shoes and Leather Moccasins, so if you love those, chances are Barry made them!  Jean has a wicked business sense and handles all the ordering of materials and just keeps the business running smoothly.  Her forte is Sheepskin Slippers and Leather Hats.  Finding a job title for either of them isn't really possible..it could be anything from owner, CEO, office manager, sales expert, customer service specialist, janitor.....they do a little bit of everything!
Jean and Barry

As Barry and Jean's oldest child, Dylan Anderson has pretty much been part of the team since birth, although his duties have changed a bit over the years.  Dylan's background is in engineering, which came in handy when it came time to redesign the patterns for the shoes and boots.  Who knew that patterning was so scientific and meticulous?
Dylan can make most of the products but he is the resident expert at crafting beautiful Sheepskin Boots! (But he would rather not sew a leather hat...go figure...the hats are much easier.  Dylan has always loved a challenge!)

Corey Johnson and her husband Scott run the retail store in Buena Vista, Sundance & Friends.  Corey also grew up in the business and made it her full time job in 1998.  She has made more than her share of sheepskin slippers over the past 20 years but now that she finds herself living an hour from the workshop with a busy retail store to run, her focus has shifted to management, sales, web development and marketing....and her hands don't hurt near as much as they used to!  Scott is great at fitting people in comfortable moccasins and changes more light bulbs than he would have ever thought possible!

Ashley is the newest member of the team.  If you call the shop you will get to talk with Ashley and chances are if you have ordered from us Ashley has shipped your order...with great love and care you can be sure!
Ashley and Jean

Last but not least, we can't forget Kodi - his primary job is to entertain the UPS driver....and sleep in front of the fire!


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