We here at Sundance use summer time to slow down a little and enjoy our family from near and far. 
This is a time our shows slow down and we have time to breathe (between defuzzing) and take in this
beautiful Colorado air. *Defuzzing is the step we take to take the loose wool from the cut edge of sheepskin.

    Dylan has been hard at work outside of the work space.  Lots of gardening and some home
beautification going on in his neck of the woods.  This time of year we are spending most of
our production time on our Santa Fe Moccasins and our Guffey hats. These are amazing warm
weather products to check out. Kodi (Dylan's fur baby) is there to help in his own way and always
putting a smile on our favorite UPS driver's face.

     Corey, Scott and Kai have been enjoying the summer in Buena Vista, getting in as much rafting as possible before the snow melt is over and the Arkansas river gets too low.  Their most recent float was through the beautiful Brown's Canyon National Monument.  Brown's Canyon just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of becoming a National Monument.  It's the busy time of year in Buena Vista, lots of visitors from near and far come to enjoy the river, the mountains and the friendly vibe and of course the beautiful views! We highly recommend a visit to the area to see one of our nations newest National Monuments, and stop in the store, Sundance & Friends and say Hi while you are here!

Beautiful Views abound in Buena Vista

     Me (Ashley) and my family have been really enjoying our new additions that surprised her this Spring.

No worries ranch has 5 baby goats running and jumping around keeping the 3 boys busy and active. 
You don't know cuteness until you see these little puff balls!  I have to add that the goat milk and
 cheese is delicious as well.

     Jean and Barry have had some serious excitement going on up on top of their mountain.  Colorado
is very beautiful this time of year and even more so up at our altitude (over 9000 feet) here in Guffey.  Summer time
is when we have sunny days, lots of blossoms, long nights, and friends visit from all over.  Like
this guest.

He decided to make himself right at home.  He was just the beginning of the trail to come.  They
had a total of 4 bears come through in one week.  What a beautiful creature!  We defiantly love
seeing them and hope they continue thier journey through our mountain without much ruckus.

The third bear to come through seemed to be a momma bear with her yearling.  She was a big one
and her right foot was mangled.  She will be easy to identify if she graces us with her appearance
again next year.

    The Anderson family always throws a big volleyball party every year for the 4th of July.  We use
this time to really appreciate the time Barry and all other veterans have served for us and our country
with some fun, friends, family, food and fun. They roll in from near and far to laugh, play, and even shop.

From big to small, we have them all! 

The hummingbirds love this time of year as well, and could you blame them?  No snow
on the ground and everything that's in bloom. Jean spoils them with some delicious sweet
water in exchange for our entertainment purposes. 

Well, that is what we have been up to as of late.  Business will be back to hussel and bussel
soon and until then we will enjoy the summer time in our beautiful mountain with our beautiful

Much Love!


Kathy Mayfield

Date 7/18/2016

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