We use our own sizing system for all of our products. Below are some tips to help you determine what size to order. If you still have questions about sizing, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Adult Footwear:
Please keep in mind that all of our footwear stretches and you should start with a comfortably snug fit!
Also, please keep in mind that these are only guidelines for sizing. Most people can wear more than one size and you should consider other factors in determining what size to order such as: how you would like them to fit (tight, loose), if you plan to wear socks with them or not, and if you have a wide or a narrow foot.
Because all of our products are hand made we can make slight adjustments to our patterns to accommodate for variations in width if you let us know.

Leather Soled Sheepskin Slippers are sized by shoe size in our own "Sundance" sizes. If you have purchased our products before and know what size you wear in our sizes, choose the "Sundance Sizing" size under gender when placing your order. If you have not worn our products before or if you can't remember what size you wear in our sizes, order by your typical shoe size and we will send you our corresponding Sundance size. Our sizing runs fairly true to a ladies size in the ladies size 5-9 range and fairly true to a men's size in the men's size 9-10 1/2 range. The larger sizes 11-16 are quiet generous for men's sizes.
Sheepskin slippers will stretch approximately a half size.

Leather Moccasins are sized in Centimeters, please see the centimeter sizing chart on the product page. Moccasins are made with a soft, dynamic leather that stretches and forms to your feet quite easily. We recommend you start comfortably snug.

Rubber Soled Leather Shoes are sized in Centimeters. The shoes are made with a soft, dynamic leather that stretches and forms to your feet quite easily. We recommend you start comfortably snug.

Rubber Soled Sheepskin Boots are sized in Centimeters. Because of the extra layer of leather over the sheepskin, these styles will stretch only a very slight amount.

Children's Sheepskin Slippers: if you are unsure what size to order, we recommend sizing up to allow for growing room. Youth sizes run approximately true to a girl's size, for boy's sizes we recommend sizing up.
Please note that the "size" measurement on the sizing chart is for actual foot sizes in inches, and does not include any growing room, we recommend that you add at least 1" to the foot measurement to allow for growing room.

To use the Sizing Charts for mittens, measure the distance all the way around your hand at the widest point, usually around your knuckles. This measurement should equal your glove size. Then measure the length from the base of your palm where it connects to the wrist to the tip of your longest finger. Then compare measurements to the chart below to determine what size you should order. If the two measurements yield different sizes, order the larger of the two. In General the mittens run a bit large, especially for women, but again, keep in mind how snug or loose you want them to fit and order accordingly. Mittens will stretch just a bit.

Sheepskin Hats: Your size can be determined by measuring your head just above your ears and comparing to the sizing chart. Sheepskin hats will stretch just a bit.
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