Paula necesita ovejas!


Paula needs sheep!

As members of 1% For Women, we pledge to commit 1% of our net profits to fund micro-credit loans to women in agriculture through   

Our latest loan goes to Paula in Guatemala to help her to purchase sheep....because we love sheep!


Less than 20 days left to fund Paula's loan.


In this group: Ebelina, Francisca, Sara Noemi, Santos Agustina, Josefina, Paula, Raimunda, Felipa Santiaga, Martina, Juana


Paula is one of the 10 K’iche women who have formed the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank, “Mujeres de Pasaccap” in Totonicapán, Guatemala.  She is 50 years old and the mother of five children.  Paula is determined, intelligent and has a clear vision of her future goals and dreams.  She began to raise and sell animals and was able to send each of her children to school until the sixth grade, 2 years more than Paula herself was able to attend.  She is requesting a loan to buy four sheep to increase her little herd.

We are particularly excited about this loan because the women who are members of "Mujeres De Pasaccap" not only receive funding to further their business goals BUT ALSO in-depth training on business, health, over-indebtedness, and self-esteem!  Education, in addition to providing opportunity for these women can do even more to empower them and can have a huge impact on changing the cycles of poverty and oppression that so many of these women face.


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