Why buy from Sundance?  What makes us different?
We provide a truely unique Experience!

We are a small, family business with over 40 years of experience.
We have been designing, making and wearing our products from day one.  We are real people and we make products for real people....products that are designed and made with comfort and durability at the core.

Personalized Customer Service
Because we are such a small company, not only will you get a person on the phone when you call, but it will often even be one of us, the owners, Jean or Barry.  Not only is this business our living, but our life.  We care, plain and simple. 

Our Products Rock!
There really is a difference in our products...quality, design & value.  Read the reviews if you don't believe us, they speak for themselves. We don't delete negative reviews or "buy" positive reviews either.

All of our products are Made in the USA and we are dedicated to using American materials.
Why is it so important to buy products that are American Made?  Read just a few reasons below:
Starting from the raw materials that we use that are raised, processed and finished in this country and ending with the products that are created with care by each of us here in our Colorado workshop, there is no compromising quality for quantity or cost.  The quality of the American materials that we use is superior than the imported alternatives. We know we could cut our costs by using imported materials, but we are proud of the quality of our products and that starts with using quality materials.
It's quite simple really, supporting products that are made in America supports jobs in America.  When you support our family, you are also supporting the ranchers who raise the animals and the family owned tannery where we get our materials....Thank You! 
Human Rights 
Labor standards in manufacturing countries are often non existent and certainly not up to the standards here in the US. Unlike many imported products, everyone involved in the production of our products makes a living wage. 
Domestic spending keeps money in the US economy.  Not just through circulation but also through taxes and payroll.
Every dollar spent at a small, American company goes so much farther than a dollar spent on imported products from large chain stores.  The ripple effect of local and domestic spending is quite powerful to economies.
Environmental Impact
When you buy made in the USA, you eliminate the huge amounts of oil required to ship products and materials from China and other parts of the world and reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase. 
Additionally, the US tanneries that we use are subject to much higher environmental standards than their foreign competitors, as a result, our products are produced with significantly less pollution.

Green Business Practices
We are passionate about protecting the environment in any way that we can.  Read more about our Green Business Practices on our About Us Page.

Thank You for supporting our family, we hope you enjoy your Sundance Experience!
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