Where are your products made?

We make all of our products in our workshop in Guffey, Colorado! Get a sneak peak at the workshop, process and meet some of the family by visiting our about us page and watching the video.

Where do you get your raw materials?
We source all of our sheepskins from a tannery in San Antonio, Texas. All of the sheep come from Colorado, New Mexico and other neighboring Western US states. All of our leathers are also American, coming from a tannery in California. There is one exception to our 100% US materials; our outdoor rubber sole is made for us by a small injection-molding company in Mexico.

How does your sizing run?
We use a unisex sizing system for all of our products. Footwear is either sized in centimeters or by shoe size. Leather soled sheepskin slippers should be ordered by shoe size and we will send you our corresponding Sundance size. Our sizing runs fairly true to a ladies size in the ladies size 5-9 range and fairly true to a men's size in the men's size 9-10 1/2 range. The larger sizes 11-16 are quite generous for men's sizes. For products that are sized in centimeters, please see the centimeter sizing chart that corresponds to the specific style that you are looking at.
Please keep in mind that all of our footwear stretches and you should start with a comfortably snug fit!

I ordered a Ladies 10, why do my slippers say 9 1/2 on the bottom?
We use our own Sundance sizing system for all of our products. Leather soled sheepskin slippers should be ordered by shoe size and we will send you our corresponding unisex size. Our sizing runs fairly true to a ladies size in the ladies size 5-9 range and fairly true to a men's size in the men's size 9-10 1/2 range. So a ladies size 10 corresponds to our Sundance size 9 1/2.

Do your slippers come in wide or narrow widths?
Because our products are handmade from natural materials there is a large variation in widths - some pairs turn out narrower and some pairs turn out wider. If your feet are a bit wide or a bit narrow we can usually adjust for that by picking a pair out of inventory that can accommodate your foot. If your foot is a EEE or wider or a AAA or narrower, we can usually make you a custom pair for an additional $25.
Sheepskin in a wonderfully dynamic material that stretches and compacts where there pressure so it forms to your foot over time and lends itself to a great fit.

Can I wear my slippers or moccasins outside?
All of our leather soled slippers and moccasins can be worn outside. The leather sole is a durable moccasin bottom. It does not offer any traction however in wet or snowy conditions and can be quite slippery. If you want an option with traction we suggest the natural crepe rubber option. The crepe offers great traction but is still flexible and comfortable. Both the leather bottom and the natural crepe rubber bottom will stand up to limited outdoor use, but wearing them outside on sidewalks and paved surfaces as your everyday shoe is going to reduce their durability.
Water will not hurt your slippers, so don't worry about getting them wet.

What is the difference between the leather sole and the crepe rubber?
The main difference is traction. While the leather sole has excellent traction in most conditions, they can be slippery on wet or icy surfaces.  The crepe has excellent traction in all conditions. The crepe rubber is a very natural, unstabilized product made from the sap of a rubber tree, and is prone to damage from direct sunlight, excessive heat and petroleum products. Both soles are light-weight and flexible, but the leather is superior in both comfort and durability.

Are your products washable?
All of our products are washable. We recommend hand washing in cool water with a very mild soap such as Ivory. Do not use detergent! Form and air dry. For sheepskin items, be careful to dry completely before combing out with a metal pet comb if desired.

What about waterproof?
Sheepskin has a bit of natural water resistance from the small amounts of lanolin that remain in the material. Getting wet will not harm your products, but if you find that you are in overly wet conditions and the water soaks through, you may use any product that is recommended for use on leather or suede to add additional protection. We recommend a light application of silicon spray once a season or as needed.

Do your products have a warranty?
All of our products have a 90 days warranty against flaws in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover wear and tear from everyday use.  Warrantied items may be sent back to us for repair or replacement (our choice) at no cost.

Do you do repairs?
We can usually do repairs on our own products. If something requires repair that is not covered by the 90 day warranty we do charge for the repair. The exact cost of repair depends on the extent of damage. Typically we will have to see the product before we can give an estimate of cost to repair. Some of the most common repairs and the costs:
*Re-Fur of the insole of slippers: $30 (shave existing bottom and glue in a new insole.)
*Re-Fur and Re-Sole slippers: $50 (replace insole and leather outsole)
*Resole on the Santa Fe Moccasins:
$40 for leather sole
$50 for crepe sole

We do not do repairs on anything but our own work.

Do you do custom work?
We can do some customization of our patterns and products to accommodate wide or narrow widths (see above) and occasionally we can make something in a custom color dependent on material availability. The charge for any custom alteration to our pattern or custom colors is a minimum $25. Returns or exchanges (if allowed) on custom orders will incur a 15% restocking fee.

What is your policy on Returns & Exchanges?
We accept returns and exchanges on our products for any reason. Products sent back for returns or exchanges must be in new, unworn condition. Please include a note with your products to let us know if you would like a refund or if you would like to exchange and for what size. We will not send the replacement without first receiving the original except in extreme cases where we are at fault. You are responsible for postage for getting returns and exchanges back to us, we will pay to ship exchanges back to you for the first exchange. For refunds we will refund the original purchase price for the item only.  We do not refund shipping costs.

Are your products natural sheepskin or synthetic?
We use only natural sheepskin and leathers. Our slippers are natural sheepskin upper with a natural sheepskin insole and natural leather sole. The Santa Fe moccasin are all leather, including the upper, the midsole and the outsole, except for the orthopedic foam that comes standard with the insole. All of the rubber soled shoes and boots have all natural uppers with a synthetic midsole and an orthopedic foam backing on the insole, but next to your feet you feel only the natural leathers or sheepskin. Those products can be custom made without the synthetics if you wish. The crepe rubber is a natural rubber made from tree sap.

What makes your products different from others?
We use only the highest quality American materials and all of our products are made in the USA by us. We have over 40 years of experience making a high quality product and it is important to us that you are satisfied. Please see our about us page to read more reasons.

Do you save Credit Card information for future orders?
We do not save credit card information for future orders for security purposes.

Can I purchase your products anywhere else?
Our products are only available directly from us, via our website, at our retail store, Sundance and Friends in Buena Vista, Colorado (www.sundanceandfriends.com), or Mountain Aires Market in Guffey, CO

What if my question wasn't answered?

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions, we would be happy to help!
email  [email protected]
phone  719-479-2233
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