It's always amazing to me how fast autumn comes around, summer is just a whirl and suddenly one day you wake up to a dusting of snow on the peaks and the next day it seems that overnight the aspens have started to change. 
Just yesterday we noticed how the line of color is creeping down from treeline already.

I love living in a place where we get to observe the changing of the seasons!
I do love summer and all of it's energy, but autumn is my favorite.  
Maybe because it happens so fast and is so fleeting.  
Maybe because you can see the changes happening every day.  
It definitely has something to do with the amazing place that we live....the bluebird skies, the warm days when you can't soak up enough of that amazing Colorado sunshine, and the cool, crisp, starry nights.
But I think fall to me is so special because of all the contrast and opposites that remind us that everything in life is constantly changing.  
A reminder to enjoy every moment for what it is and to go with the flow.

Hiking is one of my favorite fall activities.  The weather is great for getting out into the high country and enjoying the subtle changes and a quite moment.

Check out this great photo of Kyle enjoying a quite moment at the top of Cottonwood Pass near Buena Vista.  Hiking in his Santa Fe Moccasins is awesome!
(More about hiking in our leather moccasins to come in a future blog post...stay tuned!)

Hiking in my Santa Fe Moccasins

Whatever you favorite fall activity, don't let autumn pass you by, get out and enjoy it!

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